A) First Phase: September 1997 to December 1997

(Establishing Contact)

Students involved:

75 8th graders (ages between 13-15) + same number from 9 American schools respectively


School: 2 computers (slow dial-up connection), 1 printer

Home: 1 computer (slow dial-up connection), 1 printer

Note: A great majority of students do not have computers at home



Practicing target language /Discovering target country/ collaborating in order to get information/ contacting people through writing letters


September/October: Introducing oneself, talking about family, hobbies

October/November: describing school and school subjects/like/dislike/plans for the future

November/December: Talking about Christmas and holiday traditions.

Exchange boxes with signed books/photographs/ gifts (snail mail- quick delivery)


letters marked according to criteria given, feedback from participating teachers, feedback from students.

Funds or sponsoring: mail expenses for sending boxes with gifts covered by department funds.